Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miss USA 2013

Last week was the Miss USA 2013 competition is Las Vegas. Even though Miss Connecticut Erin Brady won. The person who took the most publicity is Miss Utah. She got the most publicity for messing up her final question. Which I'm sure you already know. I decided that it would be a good occasion to talk fashion.

 This first picture is of Miss Alabama. She ended up getting first runner-up by the way. She wore this beautiful black gown in the evening gown competition. I love that this dress has an mermaid bottom so it shows off her curves and makes her look skin look soo tan. It looks amazing on her.
The second picture is of Miss Pennsylvania she wore this dress walking into the competition. I thought it was really unusual for a beauty pageant because of it is a two piece that shows off her stomach. Also that it is polka-dotted. You never see that either. I like this dress but I'm not sure for a pageant.

This third picture is of Miss Connecticut being crowned as Miss USA by Miss Teen USA 2012. I like that Miss USA's dress isn't too over the top it is quite simple. It was a daring choice especially with the material at the bottom but I do love it. I thought I would also talk about Miss Teen USA 2012's dress. First since she is Miss Teen USA I love that it has long sleeves. (Notice the bold on teen because the long sleeves make it more appropriate). I love the sparkle on the sleeves and the belt I just really love this dress.

This next picture is of Miss Colorado. I love that she really embraced her very curly hair. You don't see that much in beauty pageants. Most of the girls have naturally straight hair and then have to curl it. I also love this color on her skin tone. It looks so great together. Now to her jewelry I'm surprised by the fact that she has a neon yellow necklace and neon bangles. I've never seen jewelry like that in a pageant. Her shoes are stunning but another thing that you don't see much.

This last picture is of Miss Utah. Yes she is the one that didn't answer her question the best. I do love that it is see through at the bottom. Also that it is white because it makes it such a classic dress with the color. Now I thought I would talk about Giuliana Rancic who was a host of the pageant. She wore a beautiful nude colored dress, I obviously love the sparkle at the top. But I love the nude feathers at the bottom. The feathers make it a fun dress.

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Till then,
Kountry Kouture

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Voice

This week was the voice season 4 finale. I saw some outfits that I just had to blog about. One was Bruno Mars he wore an all red suit. Which I don't know any guy that would wear that. Then on top of that he wore a animal print shirt. Bruno Mars is the only guy I know that could pull that off. Also he is the only guy I know that would wear those things let alone together. It was an outfit that I just thought I had to share.

Then another outfit was the one that Danielle Bradbery wore at the end of the show. First I thought I would say that she won season 4 of the voice. So congrats Danielle! This picture is her winning moment. She is 16 so the dress is a little mature for her but I still love it. I love that it is sparkly. It is a princess moment dress and it was her princess moment for sure. I will be looking forward to hearing Danielle's music in the future. I was thinking that she was going to win and I was right I hope you all check her out.

For my outfit of the week this week I chose a purple shirt that I paired with skinny jeans. Now I thought I would also say that I am aware that this shirt is in another picture on my blog with another goat. I loved that this shirt had some sparkle on the front. I loved that the sleeves were lace and purple lace. Which makes it sooo much cooler. Also on the back it had this cool bow design. It is one of my favorite shirts.
P.S. I hope you all like the changes to my blog. I feel it suits my personality more now.
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Kountry Kouture

Monday, June 17, 2013

URL change

I know I have been changing my blog quite a bit but I have decided that I need to fully change it and I have decided that on Friday I will be changing my url to So make sure that after Friday you don't go to my old URL. I hope you all like the new improvements.

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Kountry Kouture

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Name Change

I thought that I needed a blog name that was a little more unique. So I decided on one that I belive suits me and my life. I have choosen Kountry Kouture. Animals are a HUGE part of my life. So I thought I would honor that. I chose K's because my name is spellled with a K. So I thought I would add a spin to it. I hope you all like the new name.

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Till then,
Kountry Kouture

Thursday, June 13, 2013


For my outfit of the week this week it is pretty simple. I wore a neon yellow and blue shirt with jeans. Since I just wore jeans they're not in the picture. The shirt has a beaded butterfly on the front which isn't my favorite part of this look by far. But I love that it is neon and makes a statement.

 I chose a bracelet that is magnetic to talk about this week. It has purple beads on it as well as clear beads. I like that it is magnetic but it grabs everything metal silverware, etc. I like that it is purple because that is my favorite color. This is one of my favorite bracelets! It can go with any look even though it has purple on it because it's not too much purple.

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Kountry Kouture

Thursday, June 6, 2013


For this week I thought that I would talk about one of my purses. My aunt got this one for me, it is a awesome greenish purse that has cut outs that add a certain edge to it. The bad thing about it is that it has no pockets on the inside and where you can put stuff in it doesn't go the whole length of the purse. You can see the white towards the bottom, that part you can't put stuff in. So it is relatively small. I got this purse for $10 at a craft show. You can find all kinds of neat things at craft shows and flea markets. I would definitely recommend going to one.

For my outfit of the week for this week I thought I would talk about Fan Bing Bing at Cannes in France. In case you don't know who she is, she is an chinese actress who has done various cultures movies and is becoming an internationaly known actress. She wore this beautiful yellow Elie Saab gown. I love that it is sparkly at the top. I love the simply elegant clutch and earings they balance the look perfectly. I love the lip color on her it is gorgeous with her skin tone. I also like the braided bangs and her hair being up. This outfit is perfection and I don't even like yellow. 

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Kountry Kouture