Thursday, July 25, 2013


For my outfit of the week this week I decided I would incorporate my favorite color purple. Now this outfit is very purple but I feel it isn't too much. The tank top has almost like splatters of purple on it. The shorts are I would say lavender. I love how this outfit has what I like and shows part of my personality. It is a perfect outfit for summer because it is colorful and isn't just a black or white color scheme. I thought I would also say that this picture and every other picture of me except for the ones at Put-In-Bay were taken at my house. I love that I have so many beautiful backgrounds for pictures.
I thought that I would also talk about my bracelet. It is a Viva Beads bracelet. It is animal print. It has cheetah print, zebra, giraffe even. It also has a couple of beads that have all the prints in one. As you know if you've read my blog before that I love animal prints and this is no exception. You can get Viva Beads bracelets at almost any thrift store. I actually got mine at a craft show. They are just a great accessory.  

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Thursday, July 18, 2013


For those of you who don't know what Put-In-Bay is it is an island that is on Lake Erie. I went there this past week. It was the perfect day to go. It wasn't too hot and the waters were calm in the afternoon and the air was so clear. On Put-In-Bay is Perry's monument which is a monument to Oliver Hazard Perry. Part of the War of 1812 was actually fought on Lake Erie. It was amazing.

This first picture is of me behind a flower garden. I love this picture. It was taken outside of a cave. You can see my shirt which is an aeropostale shirt. It is lime green which green isn't one of my favorite colors so. I decided that I would try something different when I bought this shirt.

This picture was actually taken behind Perry's monument. You can see that lake Erie is behind me. BTW Lake Erie is one of the great lakes. I believe that it is the smallest. Another reason I bought this shirt besides the color was the way aero is on it. I love that it is like ribbon that spells out AERO. I thought it was so me and something that I had never seen them make.

This picture was taken in front of the same flower bed that I was behind in the first picture. You can see that I'm just wearing jean shorts so that is why I haven't really talk about my shorts. I got this shirt at aeropostale for like $3. I happened to go when they were having really great sales. I am happy that I choose to get this shirt even though it is green.

In this picture I'm standing next to a statue near the same cave where the flower bed pictures were taken. This statue actually doesn't mean anything it is just a decoration and I thought it looked cool. I just wore flip flops with this outfit. It was like an 80 degree day so if I wore any other shoe my feet would have had weird tan lines. Also we took a golf cart around so actually there wasn't much walking. On Put-In-Bay you can rent a golf cart and drive around on the island on the same roads as the cars. But most of the traffic on the island is golf carts.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Social Media

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Floral top

This week for my outfit I decided that I would post about a floral/denim top that I wore. I love that it hit two trends in one. I love that the floral pattern isn't to wild or too over the top. With the shirt having navy blue in it it is perfect to then have some denim accents. I also like that it is button up and has a collar. I'm not one who usually is a fan of collars but this one worked. I got this shirt at Rue 21. It is the perfect summer shirt with it being sleeveless.

I love that the top doesn't have a lot of denim. The main attraction is the floral print and the denim just accents it. With it being button up it wasn't too hot for a summer day. But is definitely a summer shirt. It isn't an all year shirt. I love that Rue 21 has such great shirts and for such great prices. The clothes at Rue 21 are a steal. 

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Friday, July 5, 2013


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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Royal Preparations

For my outfit of the week this week I thought I would talk about Kate Middleton. First I would like to say that next week my outfit of the week will be of me I promise. This is the outfit she wore for her last official outing before giving birth. It is hard to believe that in this picture she is 8 months along. I love fascinators and I love that Kate's is the same color as her coat. I love the pale pink color it really suits her. I wonder if this is foreshadowing what gender the royal heir will be. I believe that even William and Kate don't know the gender. I wish them the best of luck. I think that Kate looks radiant and it makes every outfit she wears look gorgeous. 

I also thought that I would talk about my cheetah flats. I had been wanting cheetah flats when I found these. So I was thrilled when I found them. I love that they had black lining and the bows are black string it helps to make the shows not overwhelmingly cheetah. I don't wear these that often but when I do they are quite comfortable. I am one who loves animal prints and am happy that someone decided that clothes and shoes should be those patterns. They are a genius! I hope you like the shoes as much as I do.


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