Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Voice

This week was the voice season 4 finale. I saw some outfits that I just had to blog about. One was Bruno Mars he wore an all red suit. Which I don't know any guy that would wear that. Then on top of that he wore a animal print shirt. Bruno Mars is the only guy I know that could pull that off. Also he is the only guy I know that would wear those things let alone together. It was an outfit that I just thought I had to share.

Then another outfit was the one that Danielle Bradbery wore at the end of the show. First I thought I would say that she won season 4 of the voice. So congrats Danielle! This picture is her winning moment. She is 16 so the dress is a little mature for her but I still love it. I love that it is sparkly. It is a princess moment dress and it was her princess moment for sure. I will be looking forward to hearing Danielle's music in the future. I was thinking that she was going to win and I was right I hope you all check her out.

For my outfit of the week this week I chose a purple shirt that I paired with skinny jeans. Now I thought I would also say that I am aware that this shirt is in another picture on my blog with another goat. I loved that this shirt had some sparkle on the front. I loved that the sleeves were lace and purple lace. Which makes it sooo much cooler. Also on the back it had this cool bow design. It is one of my favorite shirts.
P.S. I hope you all like the changes to my blog. I feel it suits my personality more now.
Till then,
Kountry Kouture

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