Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pandora Bracelet

For this week I thought I would talk about something that isn't very unique. Like almost everyone else I have a Pandora bracelet. The thing that is unique about mine is that I have a bracelet that isn't the normal (the one that is hard to get on and off) I have one that just slips over your wrist. I have a normal brcaelet but that one was a hassle to get on and off so I decided to get something easier. I have quite a bit of charms (not as many as one person I know, she changes all her charms for each season). Not everyone of my charms has a special meaning. Which I don't know if that is good or bad.

My outfit of the week for this week is a gray shirt with a cool lace back and bright pink/purple skinny jeans. I love statement pieces and the jeans definetaly are that. I paired the jeans with a simple shirt because it is so bold. Imagine if I would have worn a neon shirt. I would have looked like a highlighter. I do love neon colors and hope to add more to my wardrobe. You can't see the back of the shirt but like I previously said it has a lace design which makes the shirt not too blah.

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Kountry Kouture

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have this cool purple ring that on the side it has hearts designed into it. I love this ring because well mainly the color. Purple is my favorite color. The only bad thing is that it fits on my ring finger and I have a class ring for that finger so I have to wear one or the other. Because you don't notice the color you can wear it with any color. I think that most girls should have some ring that is just a cool fun ring until they get married and get rings with real jems.
My outfit of the week actually isn't me it is Beyonce. She wore this fiery dress to the Met ball and it caused quite a stir. She has since been rumored to be pregnant. Do you think she is? I think she might be but this is just something that Beyoce would wear so I don't think it necessarily means she is pregnant. Beyonce always wears crazy wild outfits that not many people would wear and this is no exception. I feel it doesn't matter whether she is pregnant or not just that she is happy and she appears to be.                                                                                                                                                         
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Kountry Kouture

Thursday, May 16, 2013


So for this week I thought I would talk a little about one of my necklaces. This one I got from my confirmation sponsor my cousin. This necklace is simple but it can add a finishing touch to an outfit. On the necklace at the boottom it says Faith. I know that you can't read it well in this picture. I am so happy that my cousin thought to get me something that I can wear with everything and for forever. I hope you all like it too. I think you pretty much can't have too many necklaces. That way you have one that goes with every outfit.

For this week's outfit of the week I thought I woud show you a simple outfit that works for anyone. I wore a black and white shirt. It had some parts that were like glitter. Then I wore capri's and sandals that go with everything. if you haven't noticed I like to wear versatile pieces. I love the sandals the color is called pewter. It is a weird name but I like the silvery color of them.
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Kountry Kouture                                                                                                                                  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

2nd Week!

So this is my second week now on my normal posting schedule. This week I thought I would talk a little bit about class rings. I got my class ring a few months ago so I thought I would talk to you about all different options for a class ring. You can get your normal bulky class ring with either two or three clubs, sports, etc. on it. Or there are options that are more of a decorative ring where the band wraps into each other or like mine which is a pretty simple style which is why it is called vintage. It is a ring style that I might actually wear after high school. I feel your ring should fit your personality and mine definitely does that. So here is a picture of my class ring.

My class ring just has a simple shaped stone in the middle. Which it is aquamarine (my birthstone). Then two little diamonds on the outside of the main stone with a band that has my name and the year I graduate on it. Also it has a KB engraved on the inside of the ring but you can't really see it.

My outfit of the week is a long plaid button-up shirt. I wore a black belt with it and black skinny jeans. I just thought it was fun choice. It was something different that I don't normally wear. I hope you all like it too!

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Kountry Kouture

Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Post!

So this my first post on my regular day Thursday. So like I said in my previous post I am having an outfit of the week. I also thought I would show you pictures of my favorite trend of the fall, SCARVES! I love how they can completely change an outfit. These are pictures of three of my scarves. I love the pink one because it is simple yet in the winter time it helps add some fun to your look in the blah days of winter. I love the zebra and cheetah one because they're animal print and it adds some sass to your look!

My outfit of the week is a yellow neon button up shirt with a belt. I thought I would also show you the cheetah shoes that I wore with it. Since you can't see the shirt really well in the picture of me in my outfit here is a picture of my shirt. As for my hair what I did is scrunched my hair then took my hair back like I was going to put it half up and braided it into two braids. I love neon right now it is just so bright and colorful! I love that you definitely stand out.

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Kountry Kouture