Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pandora Bracelet

For this week I thought I would talk about something that isn't very unique. Like almost everyone else I have a Pandora bracelet. The thing that is unique about mine is that I have a bracelet that isn't the normal (the one that is hard to get on and off) I have one that just slips over your wrist. I have a normal brcaelet but that one was a hassle to get on and off so I decided to get something easier. I have quite a bit of charms (not as many as one person I know, she changes all her charms for each season). Not everyone of my charms has a special meaning. Which I don't know if that is good or bad.

My outfit of the week for this week is a gray shirt with a cool lace back and bright pink/purple skinny jeans. I love statement pieces and the jeans definetaly are that. I paired the jeans with a simple shirt because it is so bold. Imagine if I would have worn a neon shirt. I would have looked like a highlighter. I do love neon colors and hope to add more to my wardrobe. You can't see the back of the shirt but like I previously said it has a lace design which makes the shirt not too blah.

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Kountry Kouture

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